Guest blog: The latest trends in the world of interior design

November 29, 2021 | Laura Whittle

Guest blog by Hannah Stelling, Creative Director at Etch Interiors

How we live today and what’s important to us is often reflected in our interior design. The environment, our planet and being at home for most of 2020/21 have all had an influence. So, what are we getting excited about in the world of interiors and what are the latest styles that everyone is talking about?

Embrace open plan living

Lounge at Cedar home at Sycamore Gardens

A reflection on modern-day living, this trend continues to be popular. The pandemic encouraged many people to re-evaluate their living space. Spending so much time at home during the lockdowns has meant making the most of what you have, indoors and out.

Finding clever ways to screen or divide living space has given bookcases, curtains and room dividers a new lease of life. Working from home has become more widely acceptable which has meant finding dedicated, private spaces to create work areas. No more makeshift workspace, but seamless integration into the home with clever ways to store office furniture and clutter.

Creating environmental havens

Bedroom in The Birkdale at Sandhills Park, Scarisbrick

The importance of our physical and mental well being has long been a focus for creating office environments. Interior home design has also been inspired by this trend, a reflection of recent global events. The home has become a sanctuary, an escape from the challenges of the outside world.

This translates into the current on-trend colour pallet of browns and beiges. Earthy tones replacing the cooler, perhaps more modern grey colours. Interiors should match the design of your home, there to create emotions and a sense of wellbeing. These neutral colours can be mixed with subtle yet warm navy or greens. Themes that will enhance features whilst adding warmth, style and comfort.

Celebrate those neutral materials

Introducing a focus on natural materials as the new popular modern style. Definitely a good fit with open plan living and a perfect response to our obsession with the environment. Timbers, wools and linens provide a sense of warmth and honesty. Rattan is a great product to reflect these qualities – natural curves give you a stylish rustic feel with a hint of craft skills.

These products combine with the on-trend effect of raw plaster walls to give a sandy textured feel. An ideal backdrop for introducing those statement pieces and an opportunity for these elements to get noticed. The vases, artwork even lamps that shout your personality, a great way to stamp your taste in a room.

Add softness with furniture textures and slats

Bedroom at Cedar home at Sycamore Gardens at Cedar home at Sycamore Gardens

Introducing surface detail to add depth and a certain primitive feeling to any design. A way of taking materials to the next level, exploring different textures and finishes. Tong and groove, cut away panels and 3-dimensional effects all add to the interest. You would struggle to find a flat surface among this playful character and charm.

And yet it has to be said, quite subtle in presentation. The furniture designs are dominated by flat slats which gives the cabinets, sideboards, draws additional depth and pattern. The trend for textured walls simply complements the overall design. Taking it a step further by hanging rugs on the wall to soften the whole character of the room, crying out to be touched and adding to the cosy, rustic feel.

Mix up those design styles

Japandi is a blend of Japanese elegance and function with the modern style of Scandinavia. Probably more minimalist by nature but still refecting the neutral tones and textures of current interior styles. It’s a simple yet timeless design that is proving very popular.

The increase in popularity of biophilic design has meant green is back on the agenda. It has an obvious connection to the planet and is bang on trend, a great way to boost the mood.

In a kitchen setting, you can mix and match green tones on cabinets, walls and tiles to make the whole room pop.

Designers are being challenged to look at more eco-friendly suppliers. The focus on sustainability has translated to interior design. Upcycling and reusing materials have led to a demand for crafting individual pieces. And the neutral colour pallet allows designers to build interest by saving those bolder colours for rugs, chairs and cushions.

The current trends are a great way to start the interior design for your new home. Creating what is a blank canvas to allow you to personalise every space with your style and furnishings.

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